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Automatic Bifolding Gates, Automatic Trackless Bifolding Gates, Bifold Gates, Bifolding Speedgates

Trackless bifolding speed gate equiped in 3-phase motor open gate very fast 1 second/1 meter. Gate can be custome sized.


Height: 1500-3500 mm

Width: 2000-8000 mm

Engine: Raptor I, Raptor II

Opening time: 1m/1s or less

Works in temperature: -40°C do 60°C


Automatic Bifolding Speedgates, Trackless bi-folding gates, bi-fold gates

Bi-folding gate manufactured in standard width from 3000 – 9000 mm, can be customized. This gate is automated by the ELKA ZENIT motor or FAAC 391.Gate is hot dib galvanized, can be also paint in any color from RAL.


Width: 1000-9000 mm

Height: 1500-4000 mm

Engine: FAAC 391, ELKA ZENIT-S 452

Electrical Unit: FAAC 024S/E124, ELKA M036

Opening time: 12-20 seconds

Operating temperature: -40*C to +60*C (optional 70*C)


♦ Ball beareings in hignes
♦ Stop button
♦ Integrated photocells
♦ Safety edges
♦ Rotating warm light


B&K Security develops, manufactures, markets and sells outdoor perimeter protection and entrance control products such as road blockers, tyre killer, antiraaming devices , gates, fencing.

B&K Security company is European manufacturer of world-wide known products for securing the boundaries of sites. We are privately owned company manufacturing high security anti-ramming systems in business with export activities all over the world. The company is located in Western Poland, next to German border, where mechanical and electrohydraulic security products on a surface of approx. 2.000 square meter are being manufactured. In our production plant, equipped with CNC machines, powder coating facility.


B&K Security customer are locations where highest security is required for example: airports and military airports, military bases, embassies, production plants, global companies buildings, power plants, refineries, prisons and detention centers, navy, stadiums, government buildings, critical infrastructure


Folding Speed Gate

Our new realisation of Folding Gate. Automatic folding gate open and close on one site. ...

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About high security bi-folding speed gate

High security bi-folding gates are design to protect enter and are installed in location where is no place for swing gate. It is a combination of high ...

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Bi-folding gates

B&K Security Systems manufacturehigh security bifolding gates. Production processes is based on the latest technology. Comprehensive design, outstanding high technological standards together with superb corrosion protection we gain trust of customers all over the world.

Automatic Bifolding Speedgates

Hiigh quality BiFolding Gate Systems.

B&K Security Systems can manufacture and custom sized any type of bifolding automatic speed gate. On production plant we are equipped in innovative machines and also spare parts, so allowed us to manufacture in quick time under specific needs.

We provide automatic steel gates in many sizes. We supply gates for industry, embassies, airports, military, industry estates, business parks, refineries and others.